Tara Reade Rips Hillary Clinton After She Endorses Joe Biden: “What I See Now Is Someone Enabling A Sexual Predator”

[Image source: Twitter & The Hill video screenshots. The Freedom Times compilation].

On Tuesday, twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton endorsed presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden for president during a Biden campaign virtual town hall.

“I want to add my voice to the many who have endorsed you to be our president,” Clinton said.

“Just think of what a difference it would make right now if we had a president who not only listened to the science, put fact over fiction, but brought us together, showed the kind of compassion and caring that we need from our president and which Joe Biden has been exemplifying throughout his entire life,” Hillary Clinton said.

She also took a shot at President Trump, who beat her in the 2016 presidential election, saying, “think of what it would mean if we had a real president, not just somebody who plays one on TV.”

The event came amid the allegations of past sexual assault leveled against Biden by former staffer Tara Reade. Biden’s campaign has denied the allegations and he did not address them during the town hall on Tuesday.

Tara Reade slammed Hillary Clinton for offering her endorsement to former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday after the former Senate staffer came forward last month with an allegation of sexual assault against the presumptive Democratic nominee, Fox News reported. Continued Below

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“I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. I voted for her in the primary. I’m a lifelong Democrat. But yet, what I see now is someone enabling a sexual predator and it was my former boss, Joe Biden, who raped me,” Reade told Fox News. “Hillary Clinton has a history of enabling powerful men to cover up their sexual predatory behaviors and their inappropriate sexual misconduct. We don’t need that for this country. We don’t need that for our new generation coming up that wants institutional rape culture to change.”

She added: “I will not be smeared, dismissed, or ignored. I stand in truth and I will keep speaking out.” Video Below

Reade is also calling on the University of Delaware to unseal documents it has from Biden while he served as a senator, which she believes may include her formal sexual harassment complaint.

“I’m calling for the release of the documents being held by the University of Delaware that contain Biden’s staff personnel records because I believe it will have my complaint form, as well as my separation letter and other documents,” Reade told Fox News on Tuesday. “Maybe if other staffers that have tried to file complaints would come to light — why are they under seal? And why won’t they be released to the public?”

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In 2015, Hillary Clinton addressed sexual assault on campus and how women should respond to an attack. Trump War Room tweeted the resurfaced video, saying it’s a “special video message to Tara Reade”.

“I want to send a message to every survivor of sexual assault,” Clinton said. “Don’t let anyone silence your voice. You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed and we’re with you.”

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