Pelosi Downgrades Trump’s Travel Ban On China Since He Didn’t ‘Shut The Door’ On Americans & Green Card Holders

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While appearing on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared to downgrade President Trump’s highly-touted partial travel ban on China that was initially taken to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Pelosi said the ban was not “this great moment” as described by the President since tens of thousands of Americans and green card holders were still allowed back into the United States, and she implied he should have completely “shut the door.

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Jake Tapper brought up that former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign told him earlier in April that Mr. Biden agreed with Trump’s partial restriction on China, which blocked foreign nationals from traveling to the United States. “Do you agree that it was the right move by President Trump at the time?” Tapper asked.

Pelosi responded, “Actually, tens of thousands of people were still allowed from China. So it wasn’t as it is described as ‘This great moment.'”

“There were Americans coming back, green card holders coming back. But there were tens of thousands,” she proclaimed. “So if you’re going to shut the door because you have an evaluation of an epidemic, then shut the door.” Video Below


Ironically, on the same day President Trump imposed his travel restriction on China, Pelosi appeared to condemn such action, as shown in the following tweet:

Also during Sunday’s interview, Pelosi indicated that she basically delayed Secretary Mnuchin’s call for more PPP funding, so that Rep. Maxine Waters could help devise a more expansive initiative.

In ending, here is a clip of Nancy Pelosi suggesting she is always “ready to walk” if she doesn’t get her way, even if it comes to coronavirus funding: