Sen. Scott On The ‘Bounce Back’ He Expects In The Outcome The Crisis: “We Will Not Only Survive But Thrive”

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During his appearance on Huckabee, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) had some words of encouragement for Americans in regards to the final outcome of the COVID-19 crisis.

To help give his perspective on how Americans will rise above the challenges they are facing as a result of the virus, Scott referenced the “silver lining” that was part of the many obstacles he had to overcome in his life, particularly when he was severely injured in a car crash in high school.

“I thought life was over,” Scott said in relation to his car accident. “And the truth is it was that moment, that devastating moment when, in fact, the next year I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.”

“What I’ve learned in the middle of crisis, even this pandemic, is there’s always a silver lining. There’s always opportunity knocking,” he continued. “The question is, ‘Will we open the door?’ And when you open the door, what will happen is in this country we’ll have a V-shaped recovery.”

“Said differently, the bounce back or the great American comeback story will be written for ages because we will not only survive, but thrive as it relates to the outcome of this virus,” Scott declared.

“If we take advantage of it, our nation will ne better becausenof the coronavirus, and we will certainly defeat this invisible enemy,” he concluded. Video Below


Senator Scott was recently picked among many other senators to serve on President Trump’s task force on reopening the economy. We leave you with his tweeted reaction after learning of his new opportunity. See Below

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