Trump Provides A Simple Answer After CNN Reporter Questions His ‘Self-Congratulations’: “I’m Sticking Up For These People”

Diamond, TrumpC-SPAN Video Screen Shots

During Sunday’s briefing, CNN’s Jeremy Diamond questioned President Donald Trump why he insists on issuing “self-congratulations” towards his Administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Diamond’s question came after President Trump played a clip of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo openly praising the Trump Administration’s overall response to the crisis, which he called a “phenomenal accomplishment.”

Mr. Diamond asked, “Can you explain…why you are reading clips and showing clips of praise for you and your administration? Is this really the time for self-congratulations?

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“I’ll tell you this,” Trump replied. “I am standing up for the men and women that have done such an incredible job — for the men and women, admirals, Vice President, if I might, but all the men and women — tens of thousands of them in New York, in New Jersey and all over this country…in record time to throw a thousand beds in beds in four days.”

“I’m sticking up for those people,” he added. “Those people have been incredible. I’m also sticking up for doctors and nurses, and also military doctors and nurses.” Video Below


In ending, here is another clip of Trump blasting the CNN reporter along with his network’s ratings and calling them “pathetic”: