Sen. Harris Says Minority-Owned Small Businesses Must Not ‘Fall Through The Cracks’ Of PPP, Cruz Reacts: “Everybody’s Falling Through The Cracks”

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Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) made a statement in regards to Democrats’ effort to gain “data transparency” to ensure that small businesses owned by “people of color” are not being barred from receiving funds from the Payroll Protection Program (PPP).

“We cannot let minority-owned small businesses fall through the cracks of the Paycheck Protection Program,” Sen. Harris tweeted. “I joined my colleagues this week calling for data transparency on small business loans to make sure that people of color aren’t being shut out from help during a pandemic.”

Kamala’s statement comes as Republicans have been pleading with Democrats to stop blocking $250 billion in additional funding to the program that has helped small business owners and their employees stay afloat during the coronavirus crisis.

The last of the $349 billion Congress allocated to PPP funding was exhausted on Thursday, despite Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell urging a “clean” bill by unanimous consent that would have simply boosted PPP funding by $250 billion.

Senate Democrats, however, objected and blocked the bill, and both sides have been locked in a stalemate ever since.

Upon seeing Kamala’s statement, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) suggested “everybody’s falling through the cracks” and he blamed Democrats for blocking additional PPP funding. See Below

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“Kamala, EVERYBODY’s falling through the cracks because your party is blocking ALL new funds for the Paycheck Protection Program,” Cruz said in his response back to Sen. Harris.

“Every day, more & more small businesses go bankrupt—and each week millions more employees get laid off—and Dems keep playing partisan games,” he added. “Stop!” See Below

Ted Cruz Responds To Kamala Harris

In ending, here is video of Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) weighing in on rumors that a deal could soon be struck involving tbe Payroll Protection Program: