De Blasio Calls On The Public To Report Places Not Enforcing Social Distancing, Instantly Backfires

[Image source; Twitter video screenshots. The Freedom Times compilation].

New York Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio posted a video on Twitter Saturday, calling on the public to report places that are not enforcing social distancing.

De Blasio thanked those who are abiding by the guidelines, then said: “We still know there [are] some people who need to get the message”.

“That means sometimes making sure the enforcement is there to educate people and make clear we’ve got to have social distancing,” the New York Mayor said. “So, now it is easier than ever”.

“When you see a crowd, when you see a line that’s not distanced, when you see a supermarket that’s too crowed–anything– you can report it right away, so we can get help there to fix the problem,” de Blasio announced.

He went on to say: “And now it’s as simple as taking a photo. All you gotta do is take the photo and put the location with it, and bang, send the photo like this and we will make sure that enforcement comes right away.”

“Text the photo to 311-692 and action will ensue,” de Blasio said. “Enforcement will come to get the help we need. Or you can use the 311 app, send that photo there and you’ll make sure, immediately, there’s follow up. Look this is important. It’s about saving lives. Sending that photo in is going to make sure that people are kept apart and that’s going to stop the disease from spreading, and that’s going to save lives.” Video Below

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s official message:

In response to de Blasio’s video message to New Yorkers, twitter users responded with harsh criticism toward the New York mayor.

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