Fmr Clinton WH Chief Of Staff: “It Is Time To Look Forward At How We Can Get This Economy Reopened”

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Former Clinton White House Chief of Staff Mack McLarty believes it’s time for President Trump, governors and other leaders to begin focusing on reopening America’s economy.

McLarty made the assessment on Saturday while  appearing for an interview on Fox News.

Fox host Leland Vittert played a clip of President Trump revealing that he has formed a “council” consisting of doctors, business people and others to focus on how to go about reopening the country.

When asked by Vittert if Trump’s council is “too early,” McLarty replied, “No, I think it’s about right, Leland.”

He continued, “I think the president along with the governors and mayors and other leaders, both in the public and private sector, first need to meet the moment, which was the crisis of the pandemic — to really, seriously address the health issues.”

“I think they have made every effort to do that with Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, others to flatten that curve and for the hospitals not to get overrun,” McLarty added. Video Below

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“But now I think it is time to look past meeting the moment — not to take our eye off the ball, to be very clear,” McClarty said. “We’ve still got work to do to make sure that this environment is safe and that we save as many lives as we can from this very barrel at epidemic. But it is time to look forward at how we can get this ecomony reopened because that’s about renewing and building lives as well as how to do that.”

“So, I think the President’s timing is right,” he declared. “And other governors across the country are taking somewhat similar measures in their states lately.” Video Below


President Trump thanked McLarty for his words of wisdom with a pair of tweets on Saturday.

We leave you with those tweets from the president: