Don Jr. Reacts After Ex-Biden Staffer Files Criminal Complaint Against The Former VP: “You Would Think There Would Be Wall To [Wall] Coverage”

Donald Trump Jr. issued a response after learning that former Joe Biden staffer Tara Reade filed a criminal complaint against the former Vice President over an “assault” that she alleges took place in 1993 within the Senate corridor.

The charges were officially filed just days after Reade went public with her claim, which has gotten very little attention from the media.

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According to Business Insider, “Tara Reade says she told police that Biden assaulted her in a Senate corridor, shoving his hand under her skirt and penetrating her with his fingers. She was a staffer in his Senate office at the time. The statute of limitations for the alleged assault has passed.”

Upon seeing the news, Trump Jr. tweeted, “You would think there would be wall to [wall] coverage of this… but of course you’d be wrong because today’s media works for the DNC.”

“I’m sure it’s totally improbable given that Joe is only creepy as hell 90/95% of the time,” he added. See Below

Donald Trump Jr.’s Official Tweet

As quoted by the Daily Wire, Reade said in a podcast last month:

“[My supervisor] said he was down towards the Capitol, and he’ll meet you. I went down, and I was heading down towards there. He was at first talking to someone.. and then they went away. We were in like the side, like the side area, and he just said, ‘Hey, come here Tara.’”

“I handed him the thing. He greeted me. He remembered my name. And then we were alone. It was the strangest thing. There was no like exchange really. He just had me up against the wall. I was wearing like a skirt, a business skirt.”

“…It happened all at once…his hands were on me and underneath my clothes. Yeah, and he went down my skirt but then up inside it, and he penetrated me with his fingers, and he was kissing me at the same time, and he was saying something to me. He said several things. I can’t remember everything he said.” Continued Below

Reade then alleged that Biden asked if she wanted to go “somewhere else,” which she claims to have rejected, as reported by the Daily Wire.

After rejecting him, Reade said Biden responded by saying, “C’mon man, I heard you liked me.”

Here is the full video of Reade making the accusations: