Rep. Matt Gaetz & Chris Hahn Get Into A Heated Exchange Over Mail-In Voting: “Give Me A Break!”

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Democrat political commentator Chris Hahn got into a heated exchange over the coronavirus and mail-in voting during Thursday’s airing of The Ingraham Angle.

It all unfolded after Laura Ingraham played a clip of Attorney General William Barr saying that he thinks it’s “not the right time to be experimenting with the way in which elections are conducted” in reference to Democrats pushing for more resources for mail-in voting.

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“Why are people in the Democrat party jumping ahead to the fall already and trying to lay down new markers about voting?” Ingraham asked the two gentlemen.

In his response, Hahn said that “we have to come up with something” to allow the masses to vote in wake of the coronavirus pandemic. He also said that Republicans don’t want stronger measures in support of vote by mail because they want to “suppress the vote” and he argued that “there is no evidence anywhere of mass fraud.”

Hahn then took aim at Gaetz for wearing a gas mask when voting on one of the first coronavirus measures. Video Below

“I find it rich that Congressman Gaetz is talking about politicizing this after the stunt you pulled on the House floor with that gas mask,” Hahn said as he raised his voice. “I hope you’re gonna lend that to your constituents!”

“Give me a break!” Gaetz fired back. “I was making a point that we should be concerned about it as Congressmen because in Congress, we go through the dirtiest airports and we interact with a lot of people.”

“And by the way, I’ve been right,” he continued. “A lot of members of Congress have turned out to be positive, so give me a break. You can’t describe my motives anymore than anyone else could.” Video Below