Tucker Calls On Americans To Question If Biden Is Ready To Run The Country: “Could He Find His Car In A Three-Tiered Parking Garage”

Tucker, BidenFox Video Screen Shot

Tucker Carlson is calling on all Americans question the leadership capabilities of former Vice President Joe Biden now that he is likely going to be the Democratic Presidential Nominee.

Tucker zeroed in on Biden while reacting to news of Bernie Sanders exiting the race on Wednesday.

“Joe Biden is now the presumptive Democratic Nominee,” Tucker declared. “Nobody really chose Biden for this job — he wound up in it by a series of defaults and it shows.”

He continued, “Ask yourself, ‘Is Joe Biden ready to lead this country? Could he find his car in a three-tiered parking garage? Could he navigate a salad bar? And, by the way, what exactly is his position on the coronavirus pandemic?’ Those are the mysteries Democrats now face.”

Then showing clips of Biden stumbling over his own words, Tucker said, “It’s hard to imagine a man like that making it through a presidential debate or even staying a wake through the inaugural proceedings.”

“It seems likely, that at some point, Democratic leaders will try to find a way to replace Biden before the November election,” he added with Governor Andrew Cuomo being the first name to come to mind. Video Below


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