Jesse Watters Retaliates, Calls Out ‘Liars & Hypocrites’ On The Left Over COVID-19: “I’ve Had Enough”

Jesse Watters, Chuck Todd, Pelosi, BidenFox Video Screen Shot, MSNBC Video Screen Shots, TFT Compilation

Fox News host Jesse Watters has “had enough” of the media and Democrats pointing fingers at Fox over their coverage leading up to the coronavirus pandemic and blaming President Trump for the crisis.

Watters unloaded a collection of clips featuring familiar talking heads from left-leaning networks and Democrat politicians appearing to make hypocritical statements about the coronavirus.

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The move by Watters comes in wake of The Daily Show posting a video with clips of Fox News employees, including Watters and Republican leaders downplaying COVID-19 earlier in the year.

“I’ve had enough of the media pointing fingers at Fox,” Watters said. “I’ve had enough of the media acting like they saw the virus coming. And I’ve had enough of Democrats blaming Trump instead of blaming China.”

“You’re not gonna re-write history on my watch. Liars and hypocrites are gonna get called out,” he added before rolling out a compilation of videos exposing the media and Democrats. Video Below