Barrasso On A 4th Stimulus Bill: There’s ‘No Way’ Pelosi Can Bring Her ‘List Of Liberal, Leftist Approaches’ Into It

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On Monday, Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) may have just foiled House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plot regarding talk of a 4th coronavirus stimulus package.

Speaker Pelosi has been pushing ahead to craft up another relief bill before the 3rd one has barely been given a chance to see it’s way through.

While Senator Barrasso agrees that a 4th package will likely be needed, he warned the House Speaker not to bring her list of “liberal, leftist approaches” into the works of it.

They Senator from Wyoming also suggested that the 4th package “ought to stick with things that work” instead of veering towards radical concepts.

Sen. Barrasso made the remarks while joining Sandra Smith of Fox News.

“With regards to a 4th package, I believe there will be one. But I have to tell you Sandra, There is just no way that Nancy Pelosi, once again, can bring into that her list of liberal, leftist approaches of the Green New Deal and election reform, some of the things she’s talking about, about diversity of corporate boards,” Barrasso said. Video Below

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“This is a crisis our country is facing. Anything in this 4th package has to make sure that we have fulfilled the needs that we promised would be met with the 3rd package,” Sen. Barrasso declared.

Moments later, he suggested, “We ought to stick with the bi-partisan things that work, rather than the sort of things that Nancy Pelosi is trying to bring to the table to take the country in a direction that the American people say, ‘Let’s deal with the crisis that is affecting us right now.'” Video Below