Italy’s Prime Minister Praises America & Pres Trump’s Support While Facing Chuck Todd: “True & Loyal Friends”

Chuck Todd, Italy Prime MinisterMSNBC Video Screen Shots

While appearing on NBC’s Meet The Press, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte openly voiced his gratitude to President Trump and Americans for their support while his country is battling the coronavirus.

Prime Minister Conte told NBC’s anti-Trump host Chuck Todd that although the situation has been “painful”, America at the lead of President Trump “have proven to be Italy’s true and loyal friends.”

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“We are suffering very much — more than 15,000 Italian lives lost to their dear ones, to our society, to our nation,” Prime Minister Conte said.

“It’s a devastating pain and in these difficult times, I can openly say that America, President Trump once more have have proven to be Italy’s true and loyal friends,” he added.

“I want to thank President Trump, who immediately made us feel its support, it’s presence. And I’m very grateful to American people for this,” the Prime Minister concluded. Video Below


In ending, here is video of America’s military showing their open support for Italy during these tough times: