Sen. Graham On Democrats Pushing To Investigate Trump’s Crisis Response: “Probably The Most Tone Deaf Thing I’ve Heard”

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Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) called it “tone deaf” that House Democrats are pushing to investigate President Trump and his Administration’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Graham made the suggestion while being interviewed by Fox News host Martha MacCallum, who brought up the fact that Democrats have moved to form committees to oversee and probe coronavirus response efforts.

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently announced the formation of a House select committee, while House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff is already pushing for a bi-partisan commission to conduct an “after-action review” of the crisis.

In reference to Democrats moving to form committees during the crisis, Sen. Graham said, “It’s probably the most tone deaf thing I’ve heard in this whole crisis.”

“Most Americans are not worried about investigating. They are worried about getting back to work and staying alive,” he declared. “So, very tone deaf by the Speaker and I hope she will not issue a bunch of subpoenas to people who are working day and night to save our lives.”


Also during his interview with MacCallum, Graham demanding the Chinese population to “stop eating bats.”

We leave you with that clip: