While On MSNBC, Biden Takes Jabs At Trump, Then Awkwardly Backtracks: “That’s A Stupid Way Of Saying It”

[Image source: MSNBC video screenshots. The Freedom Times compilation].

Tuesday on MSNBC, Democratic candidate Joe Biden spoke with host Nicolle Wallace over the COVID-19 global pandemic.

During the interview, however, Biden took jabs at President Trump, then awkwardly backtracked to say: “That’s a stupid way of saying it”.

Joe Biden asked Nicolle Wallace, “Why doesn’t he just act like a president?” referring to President Trump.

“That’s a stupid way of saying it. I really wish he’d– sorry,” Biden apologized, then looked down, which prompted Wallace to say, “Go ahead.”

“No, no. It’s probably best I don’t. … I just, I just can’t figure out the guy,” Biden continued. “It’s just like, I dunno. It’s like watching a yo-yo. I shouldn’t have said it that way.”

Wallace agreed with Biden, laughed, and responded: “It feels that way,” which then prompted an awkward silence before the MSNBC host shifted to another question. (Video Below)

Biden’s awkward backtrack:


Throughout the day, Biden made rounds to ABC’s “The View”, and CNN also. Here a clip put together by a Twitter user Tom Elliott:


On ABC’s “The View”, Joe Biden was asked if the cure for the coronavirus could become worse than the problem itself.

“We have to take care of the cure, that will make the problem worse no matter what,” Biden replied.


More on MSNBC, the former vice president claimed that President Trump didn’t act quick enough against the coronavirus.

On Tuesday, the Trump campaign released a timeline of the administration’s decisive actions, which can be read HERE.