Joe Biden Appears To Have A ‘Brain Freeze’ While Delivering His Monday COVID-19 ‘Shadow Briefing’

BidenBiden/ Periscope Screen Shot

Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden appeared to have a “brain freeze” while delivering his first coronavirus ‘shadow briefing’ on Monday.

Biden unveiled to the press this past weekend his plan to hold regular “shadow coronavirus briefings”, as described by Politico, where he will address “how he would handle the crisis” and respond to “lies and failures of President Trump.”

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Breitbart News posted a segment of Biden’s Monday briefing, where it shows the former VP struggling to get out how he would react differently to the COVID-19 crisis compared to President Trump.

Breitbart memed the video “Biden Brain Freeze In The Middle Of Pandemic Speech,” and they also captioned the video, “Every American needs to see Joe Biden’s latest brain freeze.”

It’s not clear what Biden was trying to portray as he stumbled over his words before shifting to the topic of the Defense Production Act. Video Below


In ending, here is another awkward moment caught at the end of Biden’s speech he delivered after winning Florida, Illinois and Arizona last Tuesday.