Rep. Crenshaw Rips Schumer’s Excuse For Blocking The Coronavirus Stimulus: “We Will Not Forget This”

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Early Monday morning, Congressman Dan Crenshaw ripped Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s excuse for why Democrats voted to block a monster $1.8 trillion dollar coronavirus stimulus package.

With five Republican senators under self-quarantine, the vote resulted in a 47-47 tie, and shorted Mitch McConnell the 60 votes needed to pass the GOP-backed bill.

Schumer claimed on Twitter that Democrats went through with their no-vote because the package included “huge bailouts” for corporations without protection for workers and because it “shortchanges” hospitals and other components of the medical field.

Schumer tweeted, “We voted no on the McConnell-GOP bill because among other problems it includes huge bailouts without protections for people and workers and without accountability, and because it shortchanges our hospitals and healthcare workers who need our help.”

“These changes need to be made,” he added.

After seeing Schumer’s tweet, Rep. Crenshaw slammed the Senate Minority Leader and suggested he is peddling a “lie” as reason for why Senate Democrats really blocked the package. See Below

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“We will not forget this,” Crenshaw replied to Schumer. “More businesses are closing tomorrow while you peddle this lie.”

“You literally stopped a good bill because it *didn’t have enough red tape*,” he added. You hate American businesses so much that you would sacrifice our economy out of pure contempt.” See Below

Rep. Crenshaw’s Official Tweet

In ending, here is video Steve Hilton discussing the implications if nothing is done about the economy during the coronavirus crisis: