Mark Levin Drops A Bold Reality Check On ‘Press Clowns’ Regarding The Phrase “Chinese Virus”

LevinBlaze TV Video Screen Shot

Political commentator Mark Levin apparently is fed up with the ongoing criticism of President Trump’s use of the phrase “Chinese virus” that he says while openly discussing the coronavirus pandemic.

Democrats and members of the media have suggested the use of that particular phrase is “racist”, while the President has defended himself by saying that he only uses it to stress where the virus originated.

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Levin took to Twitter on Saturday morning where he targeted “press clowns” who are continually criticizing Trump for calling COVID-19 the ‘Chinese virus’.

“Attention press clowns,” Levin tweeted. “It’s called the China virus because it was first in China. It’s called the Washington Post because it’s in Washington. It’s called the NY Times because it’s in NY.”

“Now shut the hell up with your moronic regurgitation of the Chinese regime’s propaganda,” he demanded. See Below

Mark Levin’s Official Tweet

A day earlier, Levin slammed reporters’ conduct at the task force briefings, and accused them of purposely discouraging and disparaging the Trump Administration

Video Below

In ending, here is video of Jesse Watters fact-checking several of the false notions being spread by the media: