AOC Implies The Crisis Has Taught A ‘Major Lesson’ In Favor Of Social Policies, Candace Owens Reacts: “Absolute Numbskull”

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On Friday, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez implied that the COVID-19 crisis has taught people a “major lesson” in favor of some of the social policies she has promoted, and that they really are possible. She then urged Americans to take the lesson and “move it forward to push for a better world.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s remarks come in wake of unprecedented measures President Trump and Congress are taking to help give Americans relief during the coronavirus pandemic.

AOC tweeted, “One enormous, major lesson that I hope people realize in this moment: Resistance to revolutionary policy was never really about a lack of money, or capacity, or logistics.”

“It was always about power and a lack of political will,” she continued. “Let’s take this lesson and move it forward to push for a better world.”

“We CAN guarantee healthcare. We CAN treat housing as a right. We CAN pursue decarceral policy. We CAN prioritize humanitarian foreign policy. We can. We can. We can,” Ocasio-Cortez proclaimed.

Candace Owens mocked the so-called Democratic-Socialist after seeing her tweet, and put into perspective the ugliness of what is really going on right now. See Below

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Candace replied, “You must have missed the part where this ‘resistance’ has just crashed our economy in the space of two weeks. This is not a socialist success story. You cannot be this dense.”

In a second tweet, Candace went on to say, “YES @AOC: WE CAN destroy lives. WE CAN crash the economy. WE CAN make people fight over toilet paper at the grocery story. With socialism—we can, we can, we can, you absolute numbskull.” See Below

Candace Owens Responds To AOC