Pastor Jeffress Advises Americans To Do Two Things To Help Make It Through The Pandemic

Pastor JeffressFox Video Screen Shot

On Friday’s airing of Lou Dobbs Tonight, Pastor Robert Jeffress had shared some insight on what every American should do to help make it through the coronavirus pandemic.

Jeffress advised Americans to stay calm because “God doesn’t want us to be panicked, overwhelmed by fear at this time.”

He then urged Americans “pray” and “take common sense precautions”. If those two things are consistently done over the course of the pandemic, you’ll “probably make it through” just fine, according to Pastor Jeffress.

“We ought to pray. We ought to ask God to help find a cure for this,” Jeffress said. “But at the same time, God wants us to exercise a sound mind, to take common sense precautions.”

“I encourage Christians everywhere to take common sense precautions right now that our President has outlined,” he recommended.

“I think the best advice is to pray as if your safety completely depends upon God, and take precautions as if it completely depends on you,” Jeffress said. “If you do those two things, you’ll probably come through this OK.” Video Below