Cuomo Voices Gratitude To Trump’s Team For Being ‘On It’: “They’ve… Been Doing Everything That They Can Do”

Image source: Fox News video screenshot. MSNBC video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

On Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo voiced his gratitude to President Donald Trump and the corona task force team, saying they are “on it,” and “doing everything that they can do” in the wake of COVID-19.

“I think the president was 100% sincere in saying that he wanted to work together in partnership, in the spirit of operation,” said Governor Cuomo.

“I can tell you the actions he has taken– evidence that. His team has been on it. I know a team when they’re on it. I know a team when they’re not on it. His team is on it. They’ve been responsive, late at night, early in the morning, and they have thus far, been doing everything that they can do,” the New York Governor told reporters.

“And I want to say thank you, and I want to say that I appreciate it,” he expressed. “And they will have nothing but cooperation and partnership from the state of New York.”

Governor Cuomo also told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow in an interview on Tuesday that he had a “very good conversation with the president” and told the Commander in Chief: “Look, forget Democrat-Republican. We’re Americans, and we’re talking about life and death.”

“We’re going to have a tragedy in this state. We have the highest number of cases in the United States. We’re gonna have a real tragedy where people die because they couldn’t get the right health care. And I need the help of the federal government. I need that partnership,” he said, explaining his conversation with the president. (Continued Below)

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The New York Governor said that he also told President Trump that he put out his hand in partnership adding, “I want to work with you. I’ll be a good partner. I need your help. Let’s do what we were elected to do. Let’s fulfill our constitutional duty. And the president said, ‘Yes’. I believe he’s sincere. More than just belief, he’s acted on it, Rachel. … I believe he is doing what he has to do, and I respect him for it.”

The outbreak began in Wuhan, China at the end of 2019. According to a Johns Hopkins University case tracker, 6,423 in the U.S. have been infected with the new disease, known as COVID-19. There have been 108 deaths in the U.S. currently, and 17 people have been reported to have recovered from the virus. However, 80,840 globally have recovered from the coronavirus according to the tracker. (Video Below)

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s official remarks: