During His Virtual Town Hall, Biden Struggles To Determine When He Would Become President If Elected

BidenZoom Video Screen Shot

During his virtual town hall on Friday evening, Joe Biden struggled to determine when he would become President if elected.

The incident took place as Biden was taking a question from a voter in his first virtual town hall that media sources have labled as a “nightmare” spelled by “technical trouble”.

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“I can get it done and I can get it done quickly and people would be covered,” Biden is seen saying in a video that has since gone viral.

“But, even I can’t do that for another two year, another year between now and November, or actually January.”

Video Below


Biden has been plagued by several gaffes throughout his campaign, many of them dealing with time-related subjects.

On the Monday before Super Tuesday, Biden was on the verge of telling his rally crowd, “Tomorrow is Super Thursday” before correcting himself. While on other occasions, he struggled to name the rough time frame that historical events occurred, such as the assassinations of Robert Kennedy & Martin Luther King and when Georgetown, DE was founded. Videos Below

Here are some moments when Biden struggled with the concept of time: