Kimberly Guilfoyle Delivers A Message To Female NRA Members & Gun Owners In Regards To The 2020 Election

Kimberly GuilfoyleNRA Video Screen Shot, TFT Enhancement

On Sunday, the NRA posted a video of Kimberly Guilfoyle on their Twitter page, where she delivered a message specifically to female NRA members and gun owners.

The video was made after Kimberly Guilfoyle met with the NRA at CPAC over the weekend, as captioned in the post.

Guilfoyle began her message by telling all female gun owners and NRA members, “It imperative that you get out and vote and fight for your Second Amendment, God-given right.”

She added, “We must fight to protect the Bill of Rights, fight for our right to be able to bear arms, to protect yourself and to protect your family.”

“So many women that I meet around the country really love the outdoors,” Guilfoyle continued. “They love having their weapon of choice and being able to have that firearm in their possession.”

“Don’t let them stomp on your legal right to be able to protect yourself,” she concluded. Video Below


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In ending, here is part of Guilfoyle’s CPAC speech, where she discussed the consequences of electing a Democrat into office: