Pelosi Urges Congress To Condemn Trump’s Efforts On Russian Interference, James Woods Reacts: “Worthless Sloths”

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signaled that she is prepared to take more action against President Trump in wake of reports surrounding his reaction to a February 13 Congressional briefing on Russia’s alleged interference in the 2020 election.

The New York Times reported that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle were warned by members of the intel community that Russia was already trying to interfere in both the general election and Democratic primaries.

The disclosure reportedly “angered” President Trump, who was “irritated” that Adam Schiff was present at the briefing, and he complained that Democrats would use the information against him, according to the New York Times. He also berated acting director of national intelligence Joseph Maguire over his decision to hold the briefing in tbe first place.

As per the NYT: “On Wednesday, the president announced that he was replacing Mr. Maguire with Richard Grenell, the ambassador to Germany and an aggressively vocal Trump supporter. And though some current and former officials speculated that the briefing might have played a role in that move, two administration officials said the timing was coincidental. ”

In response to the drama surrounding the Congressional briefing on Russia, Speaker Pelosi tweeted: “American voters should decide American elections — not Vladimir Putin. All Members of Congress should condemn the President’s reported efforts to dismiss threats to the integrity of our democracy & to politicize our intel community. We await the election security briefing for Members on March 10.”

After seeing the House Speaker’s tweet, James Woods lashed out at Pelosi and her “mob” and dared them to open another “pointless two-year investigation.” See Below

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“Maybe you should to another pointless two-year investigation like the Mueller failure. You have the time,” Woods replied to Pelosi. “It’s not like you Democrats are doing anything for America or its hard-working citizens anyway.”

“You and your mob are honestly just worthless sloths,” he concluded along with the hashtag #Pelosi. See Below

James Woods Responds To Nancy Pelosi