Bernie Says He ‘Makes No Apologies’ For Proposing The Green New Deal, Crenshaw Levels Him: “Why Didn’t You Vote Yes?”

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On Thursday, Bernie Sanders referenced imagery of a region of Antarctica posted by ABC News to make a statement in support of his Green New Deal proposal.

The “stark images” posted by ABC showed a section of Antarctica with “barren landscape nearly devoid of snow and ice following record-setting temperatures.”

ABC Tweets Images Of Antarctica

In response to ABC’s images, Bernie tweeted, “I make no apologies for proposing the boldest and most aggressive climate proposal with our Green New Deal. This is a climate emergency.”

Congressman Dan Crenshaw leveled Bernie after seeing his tweet.

“Then why didn’t you vote “YES” for the Green New Deal when it came to the Senate Floor?” Crenshaw questioned, referring to Bernie voting “present” on the Green New Deal in 2019.

“Maybe because it’s not a plan. Or a good deal. Or even ‘Green.’ It’s a 3rd grade science project that isn’t based in science or engineering,” Crenshaw declared as he promoted his plan for reducing emissions, which is called the “New Energy Frontier.” Video Below

Dan Crenshaw Levels Bernie Sanders

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Here is video of Rep. Crenshaw describing the New Energy Frontier: