KC Chiefs DE Frank Clark On Why He Wore Trump Hoodie To Super Bowl Press Conference: “A Historical Moment In Our History”

Frank Clark, Trump, KanyeVideo Screen Shot

After an amazing come-from-behind Super Bowl victory over the San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark showed up to his post-game press conference sporting a hoodie featuring President Trump and rapper Kanye West standing in Trump Tower.

And the media, of course, couldn’t refrain from asking the star defensive end about his choice of clothing.

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One reporter asked, “So, can you explain the shirt?”

“Oh, the hoodie?” Clark responded with a big smile on his face, and recalled getting it from one of his good friends.

“And I’ll never forget, man. Ya’ll know the moment when Donald Trump met Kanye, ya know — a historical moment in our history,” he said with a grin as the media laughed. Video Below


Here is video of the “historical moment” when Kanye West met President Trump as featured on Frank Clark’s hoodie: