Trump Jr. Blasts Schiff’s Demand For Fairness In The Senate Trial: “Now He Doesn’t Want To Play By His Rules!?!?”

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Donald Trump Jr. had quite a few choice words for House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff over his plea for a “fair trial” during Tuesday’s Senate impeachment proceedings.

While speaking to the Senate, Schiff said, “The most important question is the question you must answer today: Will the president and the American people get a fair trial?”

“Right now, a great many – perhaps even most – Americans do not believe there will be a fair trial.  They don’t believe the Senate will be impartial. They believe the result is pre-cooked,” Schiff stated just moments later. “Let’s prove them wrong. Let’s prove them wrong.”

Schiff’s demand for fairness is part of a conjoined effort by Democrats for testimony from select witnesses as well as newly obtained evidence to be considered in the trial.

Donald Trump Jr., however, was not having it, and he slammed Schiff for not wanting to “play by his rules”.

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“#FullOfSchiff talking about fairness after conducting his weeks long scam in the basement of The House with 0 Press, 0 GOP witnesses, 0 of Trump’s legal team, with Republicans not being allowed to ask certain questions, & hiding the identity of his star witness is truly special!” Trump Jr. tweeted.

He continued, “NOW he doesn’t want to play by HIS rules?!?… lets see what happens when the Republicans call him as a witness because there really could not be a more relevant witness than him given the sham he orchestrated thus far. Well maybe the Bidens but its close.” See Below

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Trump Jr. then targeted Schiff’s suggestion that the President and his team are misleading the Senate, when the Democrat congressman said, “The president must not be allowed to mislead you by introducing documents selectively while holding all the rest.”

“Now Schiff is talking about Republicans misleading the Senate,” Don Jr. tweeted.

“After spending 3 years as the leader of the Russia collusion tinfoil hat brigade, countless false leaks almost certainly attributed to him, and his sham one side only house process, this clown has 0 credibility!” he declared.

Moments later, Trump Jr. responded to Rep. Lee Zeldin who laid out three ways Schiff “rigged the entirety of the House impeachment inquiry”.

“But Adam Schiff who ran that process now wants to talk about fairness?” Don Jr. questioned. “If it wasn’t for double standards the Democrats would have no standards at all.”

“Sadly their marketing team, also known as the media will hide these basic facts from the American public.”

Finally, Donald Trump Jr.’s said Schiff is “living up to his nickname” when Katie Pavlich laid out how Schiff “kicked the can down the road to the Senate” by not calling witnesses.

In ending, here is video of Jason Chaffetz explaining how Schiff is a liability to the Democratic party.