Cruz Challenges Reporters On The Senate Trial: Have You Asked A Single Democrat If They Will Follow Their Oath?

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During a recent interview, Senator Ted Cruz challenged the media to put the same level of pressure on Democrat senators as they are with Republican senators in regards to the upcoming impeachment trial.

The challenge from Cruz came right before House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to transmit two articles of impeachment against President Trump after holding them from the Senate for nearly four weeks.

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In a video uploaded by The Heritage Foundation, Cruz brought up a popular talking point that has surfaced in most major news outlets, which is “Are Republican senators gonna follow your oath?”

“Make a challenge to the reporters here,” Cruz said. “Have you asked a single Democrat that? Have you asked any Democrat that?!”

He continued, “Elizabeth Warren will be a…juror in this trial. Have any of you asked Elizabeth Warren, ‘Are you gonna follow your oath?'” Video Below

“Listen, the House managers could show up in grass skirts with hula hoops and yodel, amd Elizabeth Warren would vote to convict,” Cruz declared. “But yet no reporter is asking Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders or any of the Democrats, ‘Are you gonna follow your oath?'”

“They’re all gonna vote to convict except maybe Joe Manchin, maybe a couple of others,” he proclaimed.

“But every Democrat running for office is going to vote to convict. Why? Because of partisan rage and they hate Donald Trump,” Cruz determined before the video cut off. See Below