Biden Admits “No One Did Understand Obamacare” When Asked If He Was Lying When Supporting It

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While campaigning in Iowa, Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden was put on the spot by a young man who asked about Obamacare.

During the exchange, Biden oddly admitted that “no one did understand Obamacare” when it was rolled out.

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It all came about when the young man told Biden that his father didn’t get to keep his health insurance plan, which was one former President Obama’s major selling points to help get the bill passed through Congress.

And instead of insurance being cheaper, which Obama also promised, the man said his father’s health plan doubled in cost.

The gentleman then asked Biden, “Since you supported the plan, were you lying to my dad, or did you not understand the bill you supported?” Video Below

Biden, who was Vice President at the time of Obamacare’s rollout, responded, “Look, there’s two ways people know when something’s important.”

“One, when it’s so clear that when it’s passed, that everyone understands it, and no one did understand Obamacare, including the way it was rolled out,” the former VP said.

“And the gentleman is right. [Obama] said you could keep your doctor if you wanted to, and you couldn’t keep your doctor if you wanted to necessarily. He’s dead right about that,” Biden declared. Video Below