Gowdy Reacts As Al Green Admits Impeachment Began When Trump Was Running: “Al Green Is A Gift From God”

Gowdy, GreenFox Video Screen Shots

On Thursday, Trey Gowdy weighed in on Congressman Al Green recently admitting that impeachment efforts began sometime while President Trump was in the process of running for office.

Green told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes in a New Years Eve interview, “Well, the genesis of impeachment, to be very candid with you was when the President was running for office.”

Fox News host Ed Henry pressed Gowdy on what he thought about Rep. Green’s remarks.

“Al Green is a gift from God,” Gowdy responded. “And we should buy him time during the Super Bowl so he just keeps talking.”

He then mentioned that two years ago, Rep. Green filed an impeachment resolution that received the votes of nearly 60 House Democrats.

“So what else has Al Green said?” Gowdy questioned. “He said the President should be impeached because he’s fearful he may win again in 2020.” Video Below

He continued, “So, I always thought that this movement began at the inaugural address. I thank Al for helping me better understand it actually — running for office is an impeachable offense…Not just winning, but running for office is an impeachable offense.”

Gowdy went on to give Rep. Green “high marks for honesty” and “not high marks for following the Democrat talking points.”

“I think Tulsi Gabbard may be right. This might end up costing them some House seats, but I don’t think it’ll cost them the whole House. They’re not gonna win in November 2020. I’ve always thought, Ed, this is about taking the Senate,” Gowdy declared. Video Below