Giuliani On Why Pelosi Has ‘Halted The Impeachment Sham’: A Trial Would ‘Expose The Corruption’ Of The Democrat Party

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On Friday, Rudy Giuliani blasted out a series of tweets that targeted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to hold articles of impeachment from the Senate.

Giuliani questioned why Pelosi is delaying the impeachment process and suggested she is doing it to prevent a trial, which he thinks will expose widespread Democrat corruption, and would show how “unlawfully” the House conducted their impeachment inquiry.

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“If Pelosi believes @realDonaldTrump must be removed why delay?” Rudy asked. “How can we let these phony corrupt career politicians destroy our nation built on laws, NOT a craven desire for power & wealth.”

“Look at their families & see the millions they have made selling their public offices!” he added.

“A trial in the Senate would not only reveal how unlawfully the Democrats have conducted this Impeachment inquiry, it would also expose the corruption that stretches far and wide in the Democrat party!” Giuliani continued. “This is why Pelosi has halted the #ImpeachmentSham.” See Below

Rudy then focused on the millions of American taxpayer dollars the Democrats have “wasted” on the entire impeachment process.

“The American people, since the days of Thomas Paine, have had Common Sense. They see through this Pelosi-Schiff-Democrat delay,” Giuliani said.

“Democrats should payback taxpayers all money wasted on this,” he declared. “Let’s see what we can do to recover it for you.” See Below

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