CNN Analyst Teaches Co-Hosts A Lesson On Why There’s ‘Massive Movement’ Towards Trump

[Image source: CNN & Fox News video screenshots. The Freedom Times compilation].

Friday on CNN, a new network poll revealed that President Donald Trump is surging in the general election polls against Democratic candidates.

CNN analyst Harry Enten compared polling data from October to December, describing how there is a “massive movement” toward the president.

Asked why the shift is moving toward President Trump, the CNN analyst taught his co-hosts a lesson on why:

“I think there are a couple of key reasons why that is. Take a look at how economic conditions are in the country today,” Harry Enten explained as he pointed to a map that showed 76% of people in the country say we have “good economic conditions”.

“That is in fact, the best numbers since we’ve had since the beginning of not just this past decade, but the last decade,” Enten declared. (Continued Below)

CNN analyst Harry Enten explained President Donald Trump’s favorability rating among voters is also up:

“The President is becoming more popular, in part I believe, because what people view as a strong economy,” Enten said.

Alisyn Camerota seemed to agree and then suggested that voters may believe President Trump is the only candidate that can convince people that “only he can steward this economy– that it wouldn’t just be on automatic piolet”. (Video Below)

The CNN analyst responded to Camerota: “That could definitely be the case, and that might be in fact, part of the reason why some of the Democrats are becoming less popular. … I think you have this combination of [President] Trump becoming a little more popular and the Democrats becoming a little less popular. And that’s why the numbers are moving in his direction.”

Watch the two short clips:

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