Hillary Clinton Says ‘Impeachment Is The Only Remedy’, Sara Carter Fires Back: ‘How Can You Say This With A Straight Face?”

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On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton seized the opportunity to bash President Trump one last time before the House voted on whether to impeach President Trump.

Investigative journalist Sara Carter promptly fired back.

“One of our most precious rights as Americans is the right to determine who our leaders are,” Hillary said in a tweet.

“The president abused his powers to cheat in the next election and rob us of that right,” she continued. “Then he obstructed Congress to cover it up.”

“Impeachment is the only remedy,” Hillary declared with the hashtag #DefendOurDemocracy.

After seeing Hillary’s tweet Sara Carter issued a detailed response where she questioned how Clinton could say such a thing, citing highly questionable activities she’s been implicated in. See Below

“@HillaryClinton How can you say this with a straight face?” Carter asked.

“You paid Fusion GPS for a foreign MI6 spy to dig up disinformation from former and current Russian GRU/FSB agents. He compiled a fake dossier to spread lies through the media during the 2016 election,” she said.

“Also, on obstruction – what about your smashed up phones, bleachbit and missing emails….use of a private server and the fact that Comey wrote your exoneration months before you met with the FBI is telling,” Sara concluded. See Below

Sara Carter Fires Back At Hillary Clinton

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