Pr Jeffress Reacts To Pelosi Praying For Trump, Shuts Down Pope Francis’s King Herod Comparison

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On Friday’s airing of Lou Dobbs Tonight, Pastor Robert Jeffress responded to recent remarks made by both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Pope Francis directed at President Trump.

While Pelosi was ending her press conference about impeachment, a reporter wanted to know if she “hates the president”, which Pelosi replied, “We don’t hate anybody, not anybody in the world.”

“I don’t hate anyone. I was raised in a way that is a heart full of love and always pray for the president. And I still pray for the president. I pray for the president all the time. So, don’t mess with me when it comes to words like that,” Pelosi vented.

In his response to Pelosi, Pastor Jeffress said, “You know, I find it interesting that she is so indignant about being accused of hatred, saying that it’s against her Catholic faith. Well, what about her belief and unrestricted abortion? That certainly goes against her faith. And she doesn’t apologize for that. She celebrates her belief and the murder of the unborn.”

He then mentioned how Joe Biden, who is also Catholic, was forbidden to have communion over his stance on abortion. “[Biden] is out of step with his church, and certainly Nancy Pelosi is out of step with the teaching of the Catholic church,” Jeffress proclaimed. “I just find this religion of hers kind of strange and certainly hypocritical in places.”

Moments later, Lou Dobbs brought up how Pope Francis compared President Trump’s immigration policies to that of King Herod who killed Jesus. Video Below

While in Thailand, Pope Francis spoke about the treatment of refugees around the world and said “there are walls that even separate children from parents,” likely referring to President Trump’s policies on the southern border. “Herod comes to mind. Yet for drugs, there’s no wall to keep them out.”

In response to Pope Francis’s comparison, Jeffress said, “King Herod is the one who…murdered thousands of children, trying to get rid of Jesus. President Trump is the one who has protected the lives of childen in the womb — the most pro-life President in history.”

“Herod wanted to to extinguish Christmas by getting rid of Christ before the first Christmas,” he added. “President Trump celebrates Christmas, has brought it back to the forefront of our country and that means bringing Christ back as well. Video Below