Schiff Releases Phone Records From Nunes, Trump’s Lawyers & Solomon, Sen. Paul Reacts: “I’m Very Concerned About The Abuse Of Power Coming From Schiff”

[Image Source: MSNBC, Fox News, & Twitter Video Screenshots. The Freedom Times Compilation].

On Tuesday, the House Intelligence Committee released a Democratic report on the impeachment inquiry, which included records of calls from Nunes, presidential lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow, journalist John Solomon, Fox News host Sean Hannity, a Giuliani connection Lev Parnas, and other White House associates.

Schiff subpoenaed both AT&T and Verizon for the information. The act has sent a chill among Republicans concerned about the chairman’s reach, reported Fox News.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) told Fox News’ host Tucker Carlson Wednesday that Schiff’s actions were unprecedented and an infraction of his “civil rights.”

“They have now set a precedent where Adam Schiff can go get any phone number he has to AT&T and AT&T is going to comply,” Nunes explained. “If you look at what he did then, it’s not just the president’s phone records — okay — or the president’s lawyer’s phone records, he also was able to get a journalist who they hate… who they say is a conspiracy theorist. And, he was able to figure out that that was John Solomon’s phone number.”

“Then, he was able to get my number, right? And, because I had talked to Rudy Giuliani and somehow that’s now a crime, and then I make it into his report,” Nunes explained further. “So, this is — this is wrong. And, what is happening — whatever is happening in this town is wrong.”

He pledged to look at “whatever legal remedies I have” because “I actually have some civil rights here, too.” (Continued Below)

The top spokesman for Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee said Thursday that they “did not subpoena call records for any member of Congress or their staff…or for any journalist.”

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), however, wrote a scathing op-ed titled: Sen. Rand Paul: Schiff’s release of phone records is absolutely outrageous – Here’s what has to happen next. The Kentucky Senator also posted a video on Twitter and slammed Schiff in a tweet for “using his power against opponents for political purposes”.

Senator Paul tweeted, “By releasing the phone records of GOP members, @realDonaldTrump lawyers and journalists he doesn’t like, @AdamSchiff is doing exactly what he’s accusing the President of – using his power against his opponents for political purposes.” (Video Below)

In his video, Senator Rand Paul said, “What I’m very, very concerned with, … apparently Adam Schiff has been spying on Devin Nunes’ phone records– has confiscated his phone records. And I think that’s alarming. One member of Congress could be looking at the phone records of another member of Congress? This to me is very, very alarming. Sounds to me as if it would be illegal.”

He went to say, “I think it needs to be investigated because if we’re going to live in a world where one party can subpoena the phone records or look at the phone records of another party, that’s a very worrisome world. There’s also a journalist, John Solomon, who apparently Adam Schiff has been looking at his phone records. Do we want to live in a world where Congress is able to look at a journalist’s phone records? I would say this is abhorrent.”

“And, whether you’re from the left the or right, all journalists ought to unify and say, ‘We can’t let the government or someone like Adam Schiff look at the phone records of journalists.’ I’m very, very concerned about the abuse of power coming from Adam Schiff,” Senator Paul concluded in his video.

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Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee responded to Senator Rand Paul’s tweet: “And @RandPaul is 100% correct about Adam the Schiff. I guess Schiff will investigate himself, grab his own phone records, host hearings and impeach himself. The Dems just keep creating their own pile of Schiff.”

Sen. Rand Paul’s video message:

Rep. Nunes on Dems’ “Watergate fantasies”:

Investigative journalist John Solomon tweeted, “Adam Schiff arbitrarily releases my phone records as a 1st Amendment protected reporter. State Department bureaucrats reportedly monitored my social media. A witness gratuitously drags a 13-year-old boy into impeachment. Whatever happened to civil liberties, privacy and decency?”

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Dan Bongino spoke up and wrote, “Adam Schiff is the sleaziest, dirtiest politician on the Hill. It’s people like him, and his corrupt abuses of power, that are wrecking this great Nation. If people like him are our future then it’s all over.”

Gregg Jarrett responded, “Agreed. By obtaining and publishing the phone records of journalists he doesn’t like, he’s attacking the First Amendment. A new low, even for Schiff.”

Bongino added, “If your phone carrier is @ATT, I would seriously consider switching after their dealings with sleazy, corrupt, dirty Adam Schiff. Your privacy should matter. This wasn’t a police-state.”

Fox News’ John Roberts pointed out that is phone number was also included, along with many colleagues, but not published. Mike Huckabee replied, “I’m old enough to remember when the ACLU would be going nuts if the gov’t nonchalantly obtained personal information about political opponents or the press, but even they don’t give a rip if it’s done to get @realDonaldTrump & we all need to care if civil liberties are violated.”

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