Rep. Collins On What To Expect At Monday’s Hearing: “Here’s Nadler Making Chicken Salad Out Of Chicken Schiff”

[Image Source: Fox News, PBS Newshour & MSNBC Video Screenshots. The Freedom Times Compilation].

House Judiciary Committee ranking member, Doug Collins (R-GA), spoke with Fox News’ host Laura Ingraham Thursday and told her that he has pressed the chairman of the committee, Jerry Nadler (D-NY), on how the panel will proceed in the impeachment process, but said Nadler will not keep him informed.

Collins admitted that Nadler even hung up on him when he called the chairman to get information.

“He never gets back to me,” Rep. Doug Collins said. “I’m trying to get a definition of what’s going on — ‘Don’t worry Doug, we’ll talk to you.’ Just the other day as I was trying to get information from him, he just gets tired of talking to me and just hangs up.”

The Georgia congressman said Nadler’s action is a symptom of the larger issue in the committee. “They are so lost and so scared that they are going to lose this moment to get at this president,” he said, calling the legislative panel a “farce.”

Collins also said Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI), who is on the Judiciary Committee, has requested per the committee rules, a hearing for the Republican minority to call their own witnesses, but noted, “The response from Nadler or his fellow Democrats has thus far been unclear”

“They don’t want the truth to come out,” he explained adding that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi questioned Republicans’ understanding of their oaths of office in regard to impeaching President Trump. (Continued Below)

“It’s not [used] to persecute a president that started in November 2016 in Brooklyn with tears flowing down your face because your candidate lost,” he said, referring to Hillary Clinton’s supporters at the candidate’s New York City headquarters.

“The American people deserve better than this,” Rep. Collins expressed.

Asked what will happen at Monday’s hearing in the House Judiciary Committee, the Georgia lawmaker said, “We have a presentation of the Schiff results again. Here’s Nadler making chicken salad out of chicken Schiff.”[Emphasized]. (Video Below)

Rep. Doug Collins’ interview with Laura Ingraham:

Rep. Doug Collins tweeted on Thursday, “This week, Chairman Nadler told me to provide him with my witness list. But Pelosi’s press conference seemed to indicate we’re moving straight to articles of impeachment. Judiciary has jurisdiction over articles of impeachment, but does the chairman even know what’s going on?”

He added, “The minority hearing day must take place before the #JudiciaryCommittee considers articles of impeachment. The demand has been made, and the rules are clear,” including a letter to Nadler. (See letter below)

Rep. Doug Collins’ official tweets:

Rep. Collins’ official letter to Chairman Nadler informing him that once the demand has been from the minority members, they now have the opportunity to call witnesses.

Ranking member Collins also sent another letter to Nadler on Friday requesting several witnesses for the Judiciary Committee’s impeachment proceedings. The GOP witness list can be read here.

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