Terrence Williams Defiantly Reacts To Prof. Karlan Invoking Barron Trump During Hearing: “Don’t You Ever Come For Barron Again!”

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Conservative comedian Terrence Williams is “pissed off” that liberal Professor Pamela Karlan invoked the President’s son, Barron Trump, to make a political point during Wednesday’s impeachment hearing.

Karlan had been asked to describe the differences between a president and a king when she brought up 13-year-old Barron’s name in her answer Wednesday.

“The Constitution says there can be no titles of nobility. So while the president can name his son Barron, he can’t make him a baron,’ Pamela Karlan told lawmakers during the hearing.

Hours after Karlan made the controversial statement, an angry Terrence Williams posted a video where he is seen going off on Karlan for dropping to such a low in her “cheap shot.”

“I know you did not just attack a 13-year-old little boy,” Terrence said in his video. “I just know you did not just throw a cheap shot at a 13-year-old little boy.”

“What in the world does Barron have to do with this impeachment? What does he have to do with it?” he questioned. “Now ya’ll pissing me off because when you start attacking children, you really pissed me off, OK?” Video Below

“You can come for me. You can come for anybody else. But don’t come for no kids,” Terrence continued. “Now ya’ll are really showing me that this impeachment hearing is a bunch of bogus bull crap! Ya’ll are playing games. That’s what ya’ll doing — playing games!”

“Don’t you ever come for Barron again,” he then warned. “Ya’ll didn’t come for Obama’s kids like this. We didn’t do Obama’s kids like this. Republicans did not come after Obama’s kids. Why are ya’ll coming after Trump’s kids? The kids don’t have nothing to do with this. Leave Barron alone!”

“If anything ever come out of your mouth with the first letter ‘B’, it better not be Barron’s name,” Terrence concluded. “Bunch of bullies, ya’ll are a straight up joke coming after a child!” Video Below



Karlan gave a half-hearted apology that included criticizing the President later on in the hearing.

We leave you with video of Terrence’s reaction to that: