David Hogg Says “There Will Be No Human Race” In 100 Years If No Action Is Taken On Climate Change

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On Saturday, far-left activist David Hogg claimed that the human race will not survive another 100 years if something isn’t done about climate change.

Hogg’s remarks came in reaction to a protest that happened during the Harvard-Yale college football game involving hundreds of students who stormed the field demanding action on climate change and urging the U.S. cancel Puerto Rico’s debt, according to Daily Wire.

The game was suspended for about 30 minutes and resumed after police were forced to escort the students off the field.

Hogg, who attends Harvard, voiced his support of the student protest on Twitter, where he said such action is necessary because the survival of the human race is depending on it.

“You know what’s more important than a football game? The survival of the human race,” Hogg said in a tweet.

“Complain all you want but if we don’t do something now Harvard won’t be able to continue beating Yale 100 years from now because there will be no human race,” he declared and included the hashtag #HarvardYale. See Below

David Hogg’s Official Tweet

Moments later, Hogg continued his climate change rant with a thread of three tweets.

“We need some 1960s level activism to save our planet and democracy. In the next couple of years, the protests will become so big that cops wont be able to handle it and the national guard/military will have to be called in. But you can be sure we will persist and win,” Hogg said.

“Peaceful political revolution is on the horizon, but we need to all get out, take a stand, vote and run for office” he added. “Our enemies are much bigger than any politician, our enemies are the sources of evil that perpetuate injustice.”

“We will not act with violence, negativity, and hate because that is what the oppressor wants,” Hogg continued. “Instead we will act with love and tolerance to eradicate the hate and intolerance that empowers the oppressor. Together we can create a loving America and a truly free country.” See Below

In ending, here is video of the student activists conjuring on the football field to protest during the Harvard-Yale game: