Fmr Obama Campaign Chair Alleges Two Trump Voters Bashed The President At Gas Station, Cruz Reacts: “Hmm”

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On Thursday, Barack Obama’s former Long Island Campaign Chair Jon Cooper caused a stir on social media after tweeting about an alleged profanity-laced interaction he supposedly witnessed between two Trump voters, where they bashed President Trump and Republicans.

Cooper described the conservation as involving two “middle-aged men” who were filling up their cars at an unknown random gas station in Long Island, New York.

According to Cooper one of the men, who he referred to as “Guy #1” said to another man labeled as “Guy #2”, “I’m f*cking embarrassed that I voted for Trump. What a f*cking traitor.”

“Guy #2” allegedly replied, “F*ck all the Republicans. Worthless pieces of sh*t.”

Cooper was met with instant backlash as several folks replied to his tweet and accused him of making up the story as a way to persuade Trump supporters to turn on the President. One such response came from Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

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“Hmm. I’m gonna try to make up Trump voters,” Cruz said in his sarcastic response to Cooper.

He continued: “1 Let’s have them pumping gas; my driver told me regular people do that. 2 Let’s have them curse constantly; that’ll seem realistic. 3 These yokels don’t care about jobs or guns or the border; nope, Ukraine is their big issue. Perfect!” See Below

Ted Cruz Responds To Jon Cooper

In ending, here is Mark Dice’s response to Cooper’s story: