Don Jr. Reacts As Tim Morrison Claims Vindman’s Bosses Had Concerns About His Judgement: “He’s A Joker”

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During his testimony at the public impeachment hearing on Tuesday, former NSC official Tim Morrison expressed concern that Colonel Alexander Vindman’s bosses had about his judgement.

Remarks from Morrison came just hours after Vindman testified against President Trump.

Morrison confirmed with Republican Counsel Steve Castor that he was alerted to potential issues in Vindman’s judgement by his bosses.

“It was more of an over-arching statement from her and her deputy who became my deputy that they had concerns about judgement [of Vindman],” Morrison said.

He agreed that there was concern from other personnel regarding Vindman’s judgement but Morrison’s lawyer prevented him from going into more detail.

Morrison also verified with Castor that he wishes Vindman came to him first with his concerns about President Trump’s July 25 phone call since he was his supervisor. Instead, Vindman went around Morrison and straight to the NCS lawyers. See Below

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Donald Trump Jr. reacted soon after Morrison’s testimony and weighed in to what it all implicated.

“No one is shocked about this, but the Democrats will happily use Vindman as a stooge anyway because they know media will not ever highlight his obvious partisan flaws as a witness,” Trump Jr. said in a tweet. “Just look at his stammering responses… he’s a joker.” See Below