Brad Parscale Reacts To Day 3 Of Impeachment Hearings: “This Could Not Have Gone Worse For Democrats”

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President Trump’s 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale issued a pair of reactions to Day 3 of the public impeachment hearings that featured Colonel Alexander Vindman, Mike Pence’s Advisor Jennifer Williams, Ambassador Kurt Volker and former NSC official Tim Morrison.

In the days leading up to Tuesday’s hearing, Vindman was revved up to be a vital witness for Democrats, but soon after his testimony was over, Parscale issued remarks on how it “could not have gone worse for Democrats.”

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“Democrats structured their whole sham impeachment hearing strategy with Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman as the lynchpin and today it further fell apart,” Parscale said in a post on multiple social media platforms.

“Vindman confirmed that the transcript of the Ukraine phone call is accurate, was forced to admit that the President alone makes U.S foreign policy and testified that Burisma was a corrupt company which employed the son of then-Vice President Joe Biden.

“This could not have gone worse for Democrats, and could not have gone better for Americans sick to death of this concocted, bogus circus,” Parscale proclaimed. See Below

Parscale issued another reaction after Ambassador Volker admitted in his testimony that he saw no incidation of quid pro quo, extorition or bribery.

We leave you with Parscale’s response to Volker’s testimony: