Caught On Camera: Swalwell Appears To Break Wind On Live TV While On Hardball, Denies It Was Him

Matthews, SwalwellSwalwell, Matthews (MSNBC Video Screen Shots)

Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell shook social media into frenzy after a video purportedly shows him accidentally passing gas while appearing live on Hardball With Chris Matthews.

Swalwell was discussing this week’s public impeachment hearings that are set to take place when a “massive fart” noise eclipsed his entire interview.

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The incident occurred as Swalwell said, “The evidence is uncontradictive that the President used tax payer dollars to ask the Ukrainians to help him cheat an election.”

After Swalwell said “cheat,” he briefly paused and appeared to slightly lean forward when the viral “fart noise” heard around the world blasted out on the air.

Video Below


BuzzFeed’s Addy Baird attempted to get to the bottom of whether Swalwell was to blame for the sound heard during his interview. Baird tweeted a text message conversation that allegedly shows Swalwell’s response to the moment in question, where he denies it was him. See Below

Addy Baird’s Tweets