Exactly One Year From The Election, Rep. McCarthy Issues A Rallying Statement To America: “Let Voters Decide. Let Democracy Work.”

Kevin McCarthyGOPLeader.gov Video Screen Shot

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy uploaded a video to social media on Sunday, where he called on Americans to be the ones who decide the fate of the country in wake of Democrats’ push to impeach President Trump.

McCarthy’s statement came exactly one year before next year’s general election on November 3.

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Here is transcript of McCarthy’s full statement with the video attached:

Election Day is exactly one year away. One year from today,  Americans will vote for their choice for the President of the United States.

“But Democrats don’t want to risk it. They’ve admitted that if they don’t impeach President Trump, he will get re-elected. Video Below

“What they are doing to divide the country is wrong. Abusing their power for political purpose is wrong.

“Trying to remove a President from power less than a year before an election, when the voters can decide for themselves, that is wrong.

“Let the voters decide. Let Democracy work. And let Congress get back to the task of fixing real problems that Americans are facing in their everyday lives.” Video Below