Bongino Explains Why The GOP Should Treat The ‘Impeachment Inquiry” As A ‘Fake Non-Impeachment’

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Dan Bongino had some advice for House Republicans while discussing the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry into President Trump on Saturday’s edition of Fox & Friends.

Bongino claims what’s going on right now is not a real impeachment inquiry, but is really a “fake non-impeachement” and he thinks the President and Republicans should “treat it as what it is.”

“President Trump should ignore the proceeeds,” Bongino advised. “I don’t mean politically ignored, he has to respond — I mean, he should treat it as what it is, which is a non-impeachment impeachment.”

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“The Constitution is clear. I know liberals and the House of Representatives on the Democrat side have a tough time with reading comprehension and things like the House of Representatives should have the sole power to impeach, which is actually in the Constitution if they read it,” Bongino said.

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“But if you’ll notice, Pete, it doesn’t say ‘The House of Representative.’ Again, for the liberals who have a tough time with that, that’s plural,” he added.

Bongino said that means they would have to take a vote to open an impeachment inquiry, which they haven’t.

“So, this is not an impeachment. It’s a political stunt. It should be politically responded to, but tactically speaking, it is a fake non-impeachment and the Republicans should treat it as such,” Bongino declared. Video Below