Brad Parscale Unveils The Five Questions He Wants CNN To Ask At The Democrat Debate

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CNN is hosting a Democratic debate Tuesday amid undercover videos and recordings from Project Veritas, that were released Monday and Tuesday, which exposes the network’s political bias towards President Trump and even 2020 Democratic candidates.

As the candidates are set to take the stage Tuesday night, a CNN insider blew the whistle after he secretly recorded staff, executives and the network’s president Jeff Zucker, that reveals his “anti-Trump crusade” and “personal vendetta” against the President.

President Donald Trump’s campaign manager, however, took to Twitter on Monday where he unveiled five questions for the network that he wants CNN to ask during the Democrat debate.

Parscale wrote, “Five Questions for the Democrat Debate [Tuesday]. Will @CNN ask? I doubt it. We all remember the questions @realDonaldTrump received during his Primary debates.”

1) Biden: What was Hunter’s unique qualification to get that much money which has added up to more than $3,000,000?

2) All: Which Democratic candidates support Beto O’Rourke’s proposal to cut off tax deductibility for any church or other religious institution that does not recognize Gay Marriage?

3) All: Since Warren is now the front runner, how many candidates agree with her position that the California public school gender indoctrination should be extended to the rest of the country?

4) All: Do the presidential candidates agree with the House Democrats who on September 26 passed the first step toward health care for illegal immigrants by mandating a whole series of health activities including electronic health records at the border?

5) All: Do the presidential candidates agree that the House Democrats should continue to ignore the fair, open process used in the Nixon and Clinton impeachments?

Brad Parscale’s official tweets:

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We leave you with James O’Keefe exposing CNN picking their 2020 Democratic winners and losers:

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