Bongino Blows The Whistle On Whistleblowers As More Are Rumored To Come Forward: ‘No More Whistleblowers!’

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On Friday, Dan Bongino literally blew his whistle on Tucker Carlson’s program amid reports that more whistleblowers could be coming forward against President Trump.

The Daily Beast reported that two congressional sources told them “new potential whistleblowers are coming forward to the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.”

The report also states that they were “emboldened by the actions of the whistleblower” who issued a complaint regarding President Donald Trump’s phone call to Ukraine President Zelensky.

“What is that? Illegal motion in the NFL,” Bongino said after blowing his whistle in reaction to more potential whistleblowers coming forward.

“How many whistleblowers are we gonna have about a story, Tucker — about a transcript?” Bongino asked while holding up and shaking the actual transcript of the phone call.

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“Folks, we don’t need whistleblowers! Read the thing yourself!” he exclaimed.

Then, as he blew his whistle a second time, Bongino said, “The whistle’s been blown! I’m blowing the whistle on the whistleblower. No more whistleblowers! Read the thing yourself!” Video Below