Dems Consider ‘Masking’ Whistleblower’s Identity From Trump & GOP, Graham Responds: ‘This Is An Unsustainable Position’

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On Monday evening, Senator Lindsey Graham responded to a new report that indicated House Democrats are considering “masking” the identity of the whistleblower from President Trump and GOP Congressmen during impeachment efforts.

As per The Washington Post, Democrats are “weighing extraordinary steps” to “prevent President Trump’s congressional allies from exposing the individual, according to three officials familiar with the deliberations.”

Such steps being considered and disclosed by the officials include having the whistleblower “testify from a remote location” and obscuring “the individual’s appearance.”

In his reaction to The Washington Post’s report, Senator Graham slammed House Democrats by saying they are in the process of “destroying” the Constutution if they follow through with “preventing” President Trump from facing his accuser.

Graham said, “To House Democrats: Everyone in America — including President @realDonaldTrump — has the right to confront their accuser.”

“If impeachment is designed to ‘Uphold the Constitution’ you are in the process of destroying it by preventing the President and his team from confronting the witnesses against them,” he added. “This is an unsustainable position.” Video Below

Senator Graham’s Official Tweets

Senator Graham’s tweet come just hours after President Trump turned the tables on House Democrats, specifically Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, and called on them to be impeached.

You can read more on that by CLICKING HERE. Video Below

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In ending, here is video of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy discussing how more people want to see Joe Biden investigated rather than seeing President Trump impeached.