Tom Arnold Suggests Juan Williams Hurt Greg Gutfeld’s Feelings, Gutfeld Humiliates Him: ‘You Sound A Little Mad’

[Image Source: Comedy Central & Fox News Video Screenshots. The Freedom Times Compilation]

Wednesday, during Fox News’ “The Five”, the cast called out Juan Williams after he appeared to accuse his colleague Greg Gutfeld of reciting “talking points from the White House,” during his defense of President Trump.

It all started after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Tuesday announced a formal impeachment inquiry against the Commander in Chief after the President was alleged to have pressured Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

The White House, on Wednesday, released a transcript of the phone call between President Trump and Zelensky, and “The Five” discussed whether the President committed an impeachable offense. Gutfeld, however, argued that it is the President’s “job” to ask about corruption. “It’s the media vs. you. And they hate you,” he said.

Juan Williams proceeded to suggest that Gutfeld was reciting White House talking points. “Just listening here, boy, those talking points, they have made the rounds, because the reality is…”

“What does that mean?” Gutfeld fired back. “Whoa, whoa, whoa. What does that mean? Are you saying I got talking points, Juan? You’ve got to answer! You’ve got to answer to the accusation!”

“You had the whole day to talk!” Gutfeld continued. “Let’s get Katie in, at least she has something to say that’s original. Unbelievable.” (Continued Below)

“Asking a foreign government to investigate a political rival is illegal. It’s a violation of the Constitution,” Williams said.

“Did you get that from Media Matters, Juan?” Gutfeld asked.

After the segment, actor Tom Arnold took to Twitter where he posted a clip of the spat between Gutfeld and Juan seemingly taking to Juan’s side and suggested that Gutfeld “got talking points” and read them “like a good little boy.” (Continued Below)

Tom Arnold tweeted, “Yeah you got talking points busted @greggutfeld by a legit journalist & stand up American @TheJuanWilliams. You’ve have never had an original joke. That’s why @FoxNews hired Greg Gutfeld. They knew you’d read the White House talking points like a good little boy.”

Gutfeld responded to Arnold’s claim and wrote, “Sorry Tom, I missed your tweet, I was on my way home from work – something you’re no longer familiar with, you washed sack of pink mud.”

Arnold seemingly irritated replied back to Gutfeld: “I’ve shoveled higher quality shit at the Hormel Meat Packing Plant than you slurp & spit out of your troll face on Fox News Trump Talking Point Suck Up Shows. You’re the worst kind of hack. Soulless Witless Sad & bitter. Now angry. How dare you & Walters seethe ignorance at Juan.”

Gutfeld picked up on Arnold’s irritation and responded again, “oh tom – you sound a little mad. Unlike the 5 -which is a fun and fiery conversation among friends who love and respect each other dearly. Something you’re unfamiliar with as a friendless, fingersniffing shut-in hoarding bottles of your own urine.” (Video Below)

Arnold tried again and posted an article from Media Matters titled “Geraldo Rivera suggests whistleblower complaint can be traced to ‘a group like Media Matters,” and he wrote, “@TheJuanWilliams hurt ‘Talking Points’ @greggutfeld teeny tiny feelings yesterday @TheFive”.

Gutfeld shot back and humiliated Arnold: “Unemployment has blessed Tom with the free time to obsess over me daily, in between picking at his swollen toes and feverishly masturbating to Proactive commercials.”

Official tweets between Tom Arnold and Greg Gutfeld:

(Continued Below)

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