Pastor Jeffress Exposes Why The Left ‘Hate People Of Faith’: Christianity Is The Last ‘Road Bump’ In Way Of The ‘Lawless Society’ They Desire

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While appearing on Lou Dobbs Tonight, Pastor Robert Jeffress picked apart the left’s ongoing negative attitude shown towards “people of faith,” especially as the race for 2020 heats up.

Pastor Jeffress strongly believes that Christian-based morals, principles and concepts have been under attack by Democrats for quite some time in order to establish a “lawless society” that they “dream of”. And he thinks emails uncovered from John Podesta and Hillary Clinton’s infamous 2016 email leak have helped prove that theory.

“One of the things I’m grateful for about those leaked emails from Hillary and John Podesta — and aren’t we glad those got leaked — because one of the things they showed was the utter contempt Hillary Clinton and the Democrats had towards people of faith,” Jeffress said.

He went on to say that Democrats “hate” people of faith because “they realize Biblical Christianity is the last road bump on the road to the completely godless and moral, lawless society that they dream of.”

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“I am scared to death that if President Trump is not re-elected and the Dems gain control of the White House and the Senate, there is gonna be a backlash against people of faith like we can not imagine,” Pastor Jeffress declared. Video Below