Jemele Hill Promotes ‘Why Black Athletes Need To Leave White Colleges’, Instantly Backfires

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On Thursday, former ESPN reporter, Jemele Hill, was proud to announce the publishing of her first article since taking a job as a sports writer for The Atlantic magazine.

Jemele appears to not have shaken her controversial side as she was met with instant backlash upon announcing the title of her first piece, which is “Why Black Athletes Need To Leave White Colleges.”

Hill wrote in a tweet: “Very proud that my first magazine piece for @TheAtlantic is appearing in the October issue. Been working on it for some time. Here it is —> Why Black Athletes Need to Leave White Colleges”

As news of her first article began to circulate, Jemele’s critics slammed her for promoting “segregation” and “racism.”

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In his reaction to Hill’s new article, political commentator Dave Rubin put it short and sweet when he said, “Progressive is the new racist.” See Below

Dave Rubin Responds To Jemele Hill’s New Article

Political strategist Caleb Hull replied, “Nothing to see here just Jemele Hill advocating for segregation. This is literally racist.”

“You love to rant about how Trump is a racist and he’s taking us back in time, but now you’re literally advocating for segregation,” he continued.

Caleb then dug up an older tweet in 2018 by Jemele that shows her calling segregation in schools “racist;” however, fast forward to 2019 and she appears to be advocating for segregation.

Finally, Dan Bongino came forward with a slam dunk, as he used Jemele’s tweet to keenly sum it all up.

Bongino replied:

Democrats are the Party of:

-gun confiscation
-speech suppression
-open borders
-And you can now add racial segregation